Top 5 Benefits of Top-Load Washers

It’s high time when you need to change your regular standard washer and get a new top-load washer. Usually, the front-load machines are the first preference for the home appliances. They are thin, superbly designed and new.

These machines use less water and have the smaller carbon footprint, also they are available in different models and colors.

Front-load washers may be a hype, but there is nothing wrong to go with the top-load washers. You will not believe anything until you don’t use it and for the usage, you must know about washers.

1) They are Inexpensive

Top-load machines are usually affordable than front-load washers, maybe several hundred dollars cheaper. Many of the customers say that front-load washers have higher efficiency but many manufacturers are now offering top-load washers with high-efficiency at an affordable price than front-loaders.

If you are on a budget, you can even find a used top-load washing machine easily- worth noticing point. While on the other hand, front-load washers still don’t have such big market for used or revamped model.

2) They are Easy to Repair

Machines can break down anytime due to any reason, it may be due to your mistake or any technical fault. There you need to call professionals and the good part is that top-load washers are easy to repair. The machine uses common parts and mechanisms, thus, both the parts and services are easier to get. While on the other hand, front-loaders are little complex and take more time and money to get repaired.

Labor prices also differ as most of the personnel are familiar with top-load washers.

3) More Models are Available

Since top-load washers are have been around for so long, you can get a number of models when you go shopping. Two of the leading manufacturers of washers are Whirlpool and Maytag, you can easily have a quick look at their websites to compare the top models.

You can also get the top models according to your budget. There is no doubt in it that front-load washers are still on the higher end of the price, but top-load washing machines also provide a gamut of an affordable range of luxury.

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4) Don’t Require Special Detergent

You may not be aware of this thing but front-load washers need special kind of detergents. It is known as “High-efficiency” detergent, you can see the label on it as HE. High-efficiency detergents are a special kind of non sudsing detergent. But with front-load washers, they don’t require lots of suds. In fact, lots of suds can be harmful to the machine.

High-efficiency detergents are pricier than the regular laundry detergents. There is also less variety available than you are probably used to.

top and front load washer

5) They are More Reliable

A good thing about these machines is they save our time and labor. Yes, it is a machine and can break down anytime and most of us are not mechanically smart to do the repairing ourselves.

Tried and tested, these machines are more reliable. While front-load machines have some problems that these machines don’t have. For instance, some front-load machines have been seen with mold and mildew build up in the door mechanism as the water continuously swish around it. Some have also complained about the water leakage due to bad door seals.