6 Facts about a stand mixer every newbie user should know

Did you recently buy a stand mixer for yourself? Doesn’t it feel great to use it to perform so many different tasks?

We are glad that you are enjoying using your new stand mixer so much but we can bet you that you still don’t know a lot about your new stand mixer.

There are a lot of functions and features of the stand mixers which most customers don’t know about.

Do you want to know these hidden tips and tricks about your stand mixers? Then, keep reading on.

Extra bowls and attachments are a necessity

One of the most important things to know about your stand mixer is that you can perform a variety of tasks with it if only you have the right attachments and accessories.

So, make sure that you invest in more bowls and attachments so that you can perform several tasks with your stand mixer which includes making pasta, ice cream, kneading dough, preparing batter, etc.

Extra bowls come handy when your other bowl is dirty and can be used as a substitute for preparing food.

You can store the attachments inside the bowls

You would have several attachments and bowls for your stand mixers which might make it a little confusing as to which attachment belongs with which bowl, so make it easier for yourself and store the related attachment and bowl together. This will make your work easier whenever you need to use a specific attachment to mix. You can find out stand mixer attachments on HomeGuyd.

It can be used as a Meat shredder

Yes, you heard us right! You can use your stand mixer to shred the meat for your salad or sandwiches with the help of a wire whisk.

The whisk will slice the meat into smaller parts and with the high-speed settings, you can ensure a properly shredded meat in no time at all.

Use a towel to cover your mixer

Let’s face it, sometimes when you use the stand mixer to mix some liquid ingredients or less solid ingredients, you are in for a treat with all the splashes and the spilling around.

This would take a long time to clean and just add an added burden to you. So, next time you decide to spin your mixer for some liquid ingredients, make sure that you cover the stand mixer with a towel to minimize the spill area.

Paddle height can be adjusted

If you thought that this is the best you could get from your stand mixer and you cannot adjust it to properly mix the ingredients, then you were certainly wrong, my friend.

The best part about a stand mixer is that you can easily adjust the paddle height to ensure a thorough and proper mixing.

Mixer speed can be adjusted

Another important feature of a stand mixer is that it provides you with many speed settings to choose from for the appropriate mix.

Some stand mixers even provide you with 12-15 speed settings and can be used to perform a variety of tasks.

So, the next time you mix some ingredients in your mixer, make sure you choose an appropriate setting and you will notice that your mixture is better and more consistent this time.

If you have any doubt regarding the stand mixer, contact us here.

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