6 Mistakes we make while drinking Wine, Beer or cocktails

In the modern world, drinking has become a common norm and sometimes you are judged on the choice of your drinks and how you hold it. In the age where drinking has become so normal, we see that still a lot of people make mistakes while drinking their drinks. Well, it’s time that you knew about them and stop yourself from making these errors anymore.

Here is a list of common errors made while drinking any alcohol:

Drinking beer out of bottles

Yes, I know drinking beer out of a can and not out of a bottle is considered to be very downgraded and low class but it’s probably your best option when you are outside. Why? Well because when the beer is exposed to the sun or any light, it starts a chemical process which turns beer compounds into a smell similar to a skunk.

So yes next time you drink beer out of a bottle and wonder what they skunk smell is coming from, it is your beer. If you want to avoid this smell, it’s advisable to switch to a can whenever in contact with light. For indoor purposes, i’d say use a mug.

Not chilling your alcohol

Sometimes you don’t have enough time to refrigerate your bottle and so you decide to drink it warm, but please don’t do that. You just need 10 minutes to cool your bottle, all you have to do is fill a bucket with an equal amount of ice and water and sprinkle some coarse salt on it. Keep the bottle bottleneck deep in this bucket, many people make the mistake of just dipping the bottom of the bottle in the ice water, avoid it.

You will notice that in 10-20 minutes, your alcohol is ice cold. So no need to drink warm alcohol anymore, go ice them from now on.

Buying flavored vodkas

This is a big no simply because to be really frank it’s unnecessary. You can make your own flavored vodka at home without the additives, so why do you need to go and buy them?

Just take a fruit of your choice and put it in the same container as the vodka, the more fruit you put and the longer you let it soak will determine how fruity your vodka will taste. So stop buying these flavored vodkas and make your own fruity flavored vodka at home.

Not swirling your wine

Another of the most common blunder made by a lot of people is to not swirl and smell their wine. Believe it or not, it’s one of the most important parts of drinking it and if you aren’t doing this, then you aren’t doing it right.

Swirling it opens up its flavors as it comes in contact with oxygen and enhances its aroma. In fact, it has been said that if you are not following this method, you are most likely just getting 50% of the taste and aroma. So don’t miss out on this one, swirl and smell, like any Harry Potter spell and you will see it do wonders. Here’s how you swirl it.


Filling wine glass to the brim

Yes, we all love wine and we all want it more but that doesn’t mean that you should fill your glass to the top. Take two glasses of wine but fill it less because if you fill it to the brim, chances are your wine won’t taste that good anyway. Why so? This is because of a simple process called decanting which is the reason why your wine will taste and smell good.

If you fill your glass to the brim, your wine won’t get a chance to open up in the air and enhance all the aroma and the flavors. So don’t be greedy, don’t top up your glass and enjoy your wine slowly and fully.

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