5 Golden Rules for an Awesome Brunch every Restaurant should know

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be chosen with precision and accuracy but there is something even better than breakfast and that is Brunch.

The word itself brings a series of images of delicious food and lazy Sunday mornings and everything good about holidays. Imagine having Brunch with your best friends on a Sunday morning and discussing each other’s life while eating your way through the most delicious food ever, fun isn’t it?

We have a compiled a few rules to make your Brunches even more delicious and fun, do give these a read.

Simplify your menu

One of the best things to keep in mind when it comes to brunches is to not choose over-complicated food items for Brunch.

Usually, restaurants come with their own brunch menu from which you can choose what you want and most of these items are mouthwatering and easy to make.

So if you are planning to cook your own Brunch at home, stick to the simpler stuff as it would be easier and faster to cook. Mainly brunch should comprise of food items which keep you fuller for a longer time and doesn’t necessarily need to be complex items.

Take a buffet

Whether you are planning to go to a restaurant or having a Brunch at home, make sure you follow the buffet system. Buffet system gives everyone a chance to choose what they would like to eat and in what quantity instead of you serving them again and again. Buffets also give you options which can prove to be useful when there are a few people you are brunching with.

Restaurants which serve Brunch as a buffet are definitely better as you get a chance to taste everything and then take second helpings of the items that you loved. Make your way leisurely through the buffet aisle and fill up your plate taking as much time as you need, there’s no hurry.

Everyone should have a food item

If you are cooking Brunch at home, make sure that you keep in mind everyone’s food preferences and what are they allergic to so as to avoid a mishap of any kind. Make sure that every person has some food item according to their liking and that no one would be left hungry because of lack of food options.

In the restaurant, check through the brunch menu and make sure all food items for your friends are covered and only then choose the place, else move on to some better place with a wider variety of options. You don’t want one of your guests returning home hungry because they couldn’t find anything to eat now, would you?

Mini food items

Cooking mini versions of all the food items is probably one of the best tips to make your Brunch a successful one. This not only creates an illusion that there is a lot of food around but also gives your guests to chance a snack without thinking if it would be too heavy for them or not.

This also makes sure that the food is served and consumed faster and you don’t have to worry about it getting cold too. Also, you can venture to serve a wider variety of food items with the mini-sized snacks and provide your guests with plentiful options.

Enjoy yourself and chill

The main objective of having Brunch with your friends is to relax on the weekend and have a fun afternoon with them. Don’t over stress the Brunch place or menu, just relax and enjoy the company. Don’t ruin your brunch by worrying too much about the food and how it’s going to taste.

If you enjoy preparing the brunch, it’s more likely to get reflected into your cooking too. So enjoy and have a great Brunch party this weekend.


If you have any doubts regarding the rules, contact us here.

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