At a Flea Market? Don’t Forget to pick these Kitchen Things 

Who doesn’t like going to Flea markets and coming back home with a handful of treasures that costs you not more than a couple of hundred bucks?

But while most of us have some idea about what to keep an eye out for when shopping for clothes and furniture, most of us are a little clueless about it in the kitchen area. So we have compiled a list of items you need to keep your eye out for the next time you go shopping at a flea market, trust us you wouldn’t want to miss out on these precious gems

Antique china dishes

While this seems like an obvious choice to be searching through the flea markets, most of us deem it as old and useless and not bother paying attention to it. But can you imagine coming across some China dishware handed down in a family from one generation to generation?

Ever come across those sophisticated houses which have its chinaware on the display? Yes, those beautiful china dishes which are displayed on the mantelpieces and look absolutely gorgeous. You could display your chinaware too, you just need to pay attention in your next flea market spree.


You have a great chance of finding vintage or antique looking Silverware or Silver serving utensils while looking through a flea market. They bring so much character to your dining set and comparatively not as costly as buying antique silverware on online sites.

With a little cleaning and polish, they will look good as new and you won’t even have to spent much on it. But do make sure that you pass on those items which might look a little too dented or tarnished, some things are beyond repair after all.


Glass tumblers

A lot of times, flea markets are a good place to find some French glassware, coolers or Champagne coupes which are both inexpensive and a good catch. This glassware and coolers come handy during summers when you wish to make lemon soda and since these aren’t costly, you don’t have to think twice before letting your kids use it.

There is also a chance that you could come across some really fine and intricate glassware which could be used for serving Champagne and wine and imagine it just cost you a couple of bucks.

Linen clothing

Another important thing to keep out an eye for is the gorgeous linen napkins and mats which could be stuck away in some of the cardboard boxes in these flea markets. You might need to put in a little more effort into finding these beauties but it would be definitely worth it.

You could come across gorgeous patterned tablecloths, placemats, etc. and not have to pay half your salary for it. Doesn’t that sound amazing to you too?

Cast Iron Cookware

Vintage cookware could be an amazing find as these cast iron cookware tend to last longer if it was properly stored or restored. This could prove to be a real gem so whenever you see a chink of such cookware, pull it out and do give it a good look.

With such a little fix, you could make it good as new again. But make sure that you avoid getting cookware which has their enamel interior cracked or coated with a red or yellow layer. Make sure you only go for white or light colored interiors as anything else suggests the presence of cadmium which could mix with your food and be harmful to you.


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